Commercial Window Tinting

Did you know?

According to reports by members of The Federation of Environmental Trade Associations, when office workers are exposed to temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius productivity can fall by as much as 50% and accidents can increase by 30%

Good Reasons To Tint Your Windows

Controlling the climate and working environment in offices, workshops, retail spaces, etc. can have a significant benefit to everyone.

In large commercial spaces, be that offices, hotels, shops and other premises, it can be hard to control temperatures consistently throughout the day and night. The powerful sunlight we’re exposed to during the Summer months (and during other seasons) can raise temperatures inside quickly.

In large spaces managing this isn’t always as simple as opening windows or doors. So either you’ll be relying upon your air conditioning system, or just having to put up with it.

When temperatures inside can fluctuate frequently through the day your air-con or climate control system has to work constantly. Even modest systems use considerable amounts of electricity and can be costly to run, draining bottom-line profits. Then there’s the environmental aspect of this to consider.

By using commercial-grade window film tinting, when professionally fitted, you’re able to significantly reduce the amount of harmful light and achieve this without using any extra power for electrical cooling systems.

It’s not just a matter of comfort either. Powerful and harmful UV rays can be dangerous and clear class windows give virtually no protection. If you have workers or staff who are constantly exposed you could be putting them at risk.

Tinting the windows at your premises is quick, provides instant benefits, with no power consumption and can even be reversed, if ever required. Plus, there’s no running or maintenance costs.

We work with a range of both Commercial and Public Sector clients, from offices and shops to schools and medical establishments.

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Why Should Your Windows Be Tinted?
No tired eyes & headaches

A room where computer screens are next to the window glare and heat will be significantly reduced, reducing the likelihood of tired eyes and headaches.

A room where it is hot by windows and cooler away from them can cause air-conditioning hot-spots

Air-conditioning systems have to work harder to deal with high fluctuations in room temperature, film can help to reduce this and contribute towards reduced running costs.

A Window display where products are fading or perishing due to heat and UV rays

Products will gain a longer shelf-life if they are protected from fading and degradation because of their exposure to intense sunlight – and 100% of the view is kept!

Security and privacy of staff, products and equipment

Products and equipment can be hidden from view and staff don’t feel like they are working in a goldfish bowl

Modern, professional image

Tinting provides a uniform, sleek look to your building.

Protection From Vandalism - Graffiti

Anti-graffiti films are available to eliminate expensive glass-etching vandalism or damage to glass in high traffic areas. These films are thick enough to protect glass from most forms of vandalism or accidental damage yet they are clear and virtually invisible when mounted on the outside surface glass or Plexiglass.If vandalism occurs they are actually damaging the film, not the glass. We can then simply replace the film for a fraction of the cost of glass replacement. It will protect any smooth surface whether timber, marble or stainless steel

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